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Book of Resistance

To Fight!

To Hunger!

To Resist!


My death is the only thing certain in life. Like everyone else my lifeless body will be flung into a tepid hole in the earth, or they will burn me, or scatter my ashes, or they will leave me to rot under the burning sun in the scorching desert. I will vanish forever, leaving no mark upon the future generations. There will be no trace of my once short human existence. What I breathed, felt, loved, hated, and wished will have no bearing on the future. My eyes will shut forever, my voice will speak no more, my heart will stop beating, and the mind will think no more. This is all that is certain in my life, everything else isn't. This knowledge makes me free. This knowledge binds me to nothing, to nothing but the dirt and blood that is inherently within me.


My life is short. There is no time to live my life in vain. There is no time to waste it on mindless bullshit, in things that don't exist, in things that have no certainty or meaning. Heaven is not certain. God is not certain. Love is not certain. Faith is not certain. Friends are not certain. These things may or may not exist. To bind myself to their ideas and rules is pointless and demeaning to my inherent freedom. I will not go down that way. My path is not etched in stone by madmen of long past generations. My path is for me to mold in any way I choose. My path is clear before me, and no one has the right to judge me, or tell me, to expect anything from me. I am free. Free to live, free to choose, free to die. My freedom is the last and only thing that I have on this planet, it is my freedom to think and refuse. My freedom can only be taken with my death, until then I am unstoppable. On my horizon an unlimited fire is raging, unbearable greatness, things to attain that life has yet unseen. Nothing will stop me from reaching that horizon, not prison bars, not rusted chains around my wrists, nor the pressure and stress of human existence. My thirst and hunger for freedom will be quenched only once I set my eyes on what I have accomplished, until those flames of freedom have ignited the sky and all beneath it.


To be certain in my death is the first step towards self liberation. To free myself from the bondage of religion and social expectations I have to realize and accept my ultimate death and my short existence. I must not have one shred of doubt plaguing me in the heart. Society has guilt ridden me to the core, implanted thoughts of sadness and doubt that slow me down, that make me desperate, that exasperates my will and fill me with shame. But I have nothing to be ashamed about! Once I release all my doubt and falsified shame I will rise up. I will be free to think out loud without a care in the world. Because I am free to stand up for my beliefs, free to fight for my freedom, free to hunger for justice, I will be able to resist the onslaught of destruction and lies. In the course of this resistance I will be faced with horrible situations. My ideas are isolated from the masses, that is only because the masses worship at the alter of religion, hysteria, and obedience. I am nothing like the masses. Those who choose to be free are always choosing a life of isolation, loneliness, exile, and imprisonment. But these things to do not scare me, I would rather spend my whole life alone then to attend a single congregation of mindless drones. I would rather spend my whole life alone then to have friends who value nothing, who disrespect me and myself, who are weak, who are dependant upon everyone and everything else. There is not one group in the world that I want to belong to. Not one philosophy, idea, religion, sect, ethic, music, lifestyle, expresses me and my freedom completely. All lifestyles, ideas, religions, and movements self-destruct in the end, I have no purpose to contribute to this destined destruction. I am alone on this earth till death. If I am unable to accept my destined isolation then I am unprepared to live my life freely.


I respect myself. I will not lower my dignity to satisfy others. I will not lower my dignity to fill a temporary emotional, psychological, or physical void. My dignity will not be lowered in the names of oppression, capitalism, fascism, zionism, hedonism, greed, etc. I will not even accept food or shelter if it lowers my dignity, I would rather starve and freeze to death then to watch my dignity go down the drain. Because I am the only one who holds it my dignity will never be lowered. Respecting myself means keeping promises to myself, and that is the strongest discipline in the world. I cannot lie to myself. If I cannot keep a promise to myself then how can I accomplish anything? I must work hard at this discipline. I must be able to overcome the pressure of temptation, need, sorrow in order to be able to conquer this mountain. It is a hard path, but I feel with all the certainty in my heart that it is a path that will save me. In the end I will be victorious, I will look back at my life with joy, without any regrets, with a full knowledge in all that I am capable of. This is the greatest reward. To live my life devoid of sweetness is better then living without an appetite.


Because I respect myself others respect me. Even if they do not agree with my ideas, they respect me because I do not flinch, because I am open minded, and most of all because I stick to my word. My strength and pride and honor is sensed through my eyes, it radiates out from me, it inspires others. Because these people respect me I respect them, even if I do not agree with their beliefs. I am not on this earth to convert anybody to anything. I am not on this earth to enslave anyone or to enchain anything. As a human I am equal to all humans. Once I begin to preach to someone on how to live I have thus become the tyrant, system, religion, politic, that I had for so long resisted. That is not my way. I will take another path. I will never betray myself!


I will resist all forms of mass worship. A mindless collection of people gathered like cattle into mass stadiums is a senseless form of social obedience, a total submission to the heartless mob which only wishes to fulfill a hungry void. It is an aspect of a decaying and a corrupted society. There must be no confusion between mass worship and public protest. The first is a senseless gathering of people which accomplishes nothing in the course of its gathering, the other is an open appeal for social change, under a banner of freedom and justice, where the protesters actually participate, organize, and cause change. Mass worship is a large collection of people from all aspects of society that come to worship a certain set of beliefs, such as sport, religion, and politics. To join the ranks of these drones is to fall under a blanket of misery, stupidity, and obedience. Mass worship is a continuation of a deathly philosophy, it is a clever systematic enslavement of a population. It is geared to distract the poor and oppressed from their poverty and oppression by their oppressors. It is a philosophy that is meant to pacify people, to make a people obsessed with something that completely does not speak to the individual. I am forever disgusted with mass worship, I will forever resist mass worship, I will forever work to its destruction.


I have a clear understanding of my goals and my choices. I understand the clear line between accomplishments and social trophies. Marriage is not an accomplishment. Buying a house, or having the ability to purchase, is not an accomplishment. Climbing the social order is definitely not an accomplishment. An accomplishment is climbing a mountain of personal hardships, it is building an obelisk out of rage and despair. It is molding yourself into the person you want to be. I have no desire to accomplish the same pointless things that people have been doing for the past thousands of years, that is no accomplishment, it is mere heredity. An accomplishment is when I stand up for what I believe in. When in the face of oppression I offer resistance. When in the face of destruction I put up creation. When in the face of sorrow and despair I have an eternal flame of resistance that cannot be put out by the storms of emotions. Accomplishment is full control of my feelings, my emotions, my abilities. When I set up goals for myself I work to achieve them until I drop. I will always work towards my goals, my goals will be my only love, my only friends, my only joy. It will be the burning fire of resistance that will come to me in my dreams, that will keep me comforted all night. I will not rest until my goal, whatever it is, is fully accomplished the exact why I had planned it. Nothing will stop me, and all that tries to stop me will be annihilated. With a sleepwalkers certainty I will walk the clear path towards my goals, knowing that they will come into existence.


I take care of myself. The body is my vehicle, it must be sustained, cleaned, and not wasted. While I still have my youth I will use it to the full potential. I will not discard my healthy body, my sober mind, my clear eyes, to the waste that takes hold of my generation. There is nothing better then a clean and sober mind. There is nothing better then a fit and healthy body. There is nothing better then a heart that is pure and honest. I will eat healthy and I will cherish food. The greatest disrespect that anyone can offer to the world is to waste food, to throw food away, to use it as toys. Food is the fuel of life, it is what sustains and offers us existence. There are people and animals on earth that do not have a crumb to eat. I will not waste food, I will eat as much as I need and no more. I will offer food to those who have none or have very little. I will not allow food to be wasted by anyone around me, because it is precious and often in life very rare. I will never take food for granted. The same as with food, the same with water. Water is precious and must never be wasted. The same with shelter I will never take too much shelter as it takes shelter away from others, I will take what is needed and no more. I will offer shelter to those that have none or have very little. The same with clothing. I will not take any more clothing then I need. I will give clothing to those that have none or have very little. I do not want anything in reward for these deeds, not any heavenly bliss or saintly label. I do it because I know when I am poor and unfortunate I want others to help me out also.


Because I believe shelter is used for living, thinking, and sleeping and must not be wasted I don't believe in private property. Everyone has a right to live, think, and sleep. Everyone has the right to be able to rest, and eat in a safe and clean environment. Everyone has the right to enjoy their life without being intruded upon, and everyone deserves privacy for the moments of solitude and rest. Land is not something that belongs to a certain individual. The claims based on property based on money, inheritance, heritage, civilization, or history, has no meaning in my eyes. They are man-made borders and man-made properties. You are not born with land in hand, before you were here the land was here and it will be here after you go. This land is everybody's. Everyone is entitled to breathe air, to walk the fields, to swim in the ocean and lakes and streams. Everyone is entitled to climb mountains and walk the rocky shores. No one has the right to close these things off to me, it is my birth right. No one has the right to restrict me from swimming in their lake, or walking in their fields. No one has the right to burn the fields, to pollute the air. They don't have this right because it is not theirs to pollute. If they wish to pollute their minds and their bodies they are free to do so. Respecting myself means also respecting the world around me. Look at how kind the world is to us. It feeds us, it gives us its wood to keep us warm in our homes, it gives us fire, and water, and air. We must respect it and take care of it. If we disrespect it we will pay a heavy price. Such is the law in all matters. When we disrespect those who help us they will stop helping us. We must respect all that give us help, and thank them and try to help them out as well.


I will avoid power. I will avoid all aspects of leadership and positions of power. Power is the source of corruption and oppression. Those that want to lead only want to oppress and control. There is nothing good in leadership, there is nothing that a leader can offer to any of us that we cannot decide, accomplish, or understand on our own. I am always disgusted by those seeking positions of power, because I know in their hearts they are seeking to poison us with rules, laws, and their ideas. Power destroys families, friends, and nations. Power allows people to place themselves above the rest only because of their position, those below them always suffer. I will forever be against whoever is in power. I will take a position of leadership only if life and death demands it, if people all unanimously ask for it, and I will take my power away as soon as possible. While I am in any position of authority I will expect everyone to view me with bitterness and weariness, because that is the way it is supposed to be, power is a force of corruption and I will need people to keep me in line. I will always disrespect those that choose to be in power. I have seen the deathly sickness of authority, I have seen it in the eyes of police officers, in the military, in the judges and lawyers, in the doctors, in the politicians, in the religious and spiritual leaders. The only leader of my life is me. I will never bow to anyone on this planet, I will never join their ranks. I will fight them, I will hunger for their destruction, I will resist them to the death!


I will nerve join the military. I will never fight for any government, politician, religion, or idea other than mine own. As I have explained to myself before, "There is not one group in the world that I want to belong to." I will not be herded like a slave into a bunker, I will not wear any uniform, I will not clean their weapons for them. I will not leave my home and walk for hundreds of miles to a certain destination on a map where the ones in authority have charted a place for war. I will not pick weapons and kill people that I do not know for reasons unknown to me. I would rather have my body ripped in half them to kill for someone else. I will never fight for the perverse system, I will not be its tool of destruction. If the leaders want war, let them go and fight for themselves. I am not a pawn that will be slaughtered in exchange for their sins. My duty is to end wars. My duty is fight the war-hawks. My duty is to defend what I love. I also realize that there is a clear difference between joining a military organization of a government, politic, religion, idea, and joining a peoples militia which is fighting only in self-defense. If the militia is fighting in order to occupy, invade, destroy, pillage, rape, or plunder then it is just as wrong and unjust as the government. I will forever resist all militaries to the death. The all-destructive arm of the army will never touch anything and anyone that I love. The greatest way to die is to parish fighting for what I love. My blood will not be spilled in vain. My blood will soak the fields and plant it with vengeance. The seeds of vengeance shall harvest the fields of revolution. Life isn't worth living if it isn't worth dying for it.


I will always push myself to the limits of my abilities. I will strive to be faster, quicker, stronger, smarter, healthier, and more courageous. I will strive to be honest and good. I will strive to be a good judge of character, knowing my enemies from my allies. I will fight like a bulldog against anything that wants to inflict damage upon me or on anything I hold as sacred, beautiful, or needed. I will always be learning something. I will always be helping someone. I will always be questioning everything. My mind is open for expansion. My mind is limitless. The boundaries that have been designed by governments and religions upon our conscious will have no bearing upon me. I will destroy all these boundaries and borders with one clean swoop. The gates of freedom will be open within me, all the raging floods of love, despair, anger, and happiness will flow unstopped out from me. I will constantly push myself forward, even when thirst has sliced my throat and I am unable to crawl any further on the desert of life, I will keep pushing until the last drop of sweat has been squeezed out from my pores. I will never stop fighting. Even if the whole world has abandoned me, even when all the enemies weapons are aimed against me, when there is absolutely no one on earth that will agree with me or stand up for me - I will resist till the end. I will remain true to my belief in freedom. Because if I cannot believe in freedom with such a raging hunger then I will never know what freedom feels like. In my final moments of battle I will sense that liberation, I will feel that momentous feeling come over me, because I know what it is true, it is what I believed in - it is the promise that I had made, kept, and achieved. Let the whole world hate me, in my eyes the whole world may parish without any meaning if it so wishes.


I value work. I value the work that is done by me and the work done by other workers. I value the sweat and blood that has been spilled on the roads and fields of my land. It is the same blood that runs within me, the blood that sowed the seeds of revolution, the blood that is the fuel of my resistance. I am a worker to the core. I work to live and to sustain myself and those that I love. I work to build a better world untouched by the greedy hands of thieves and rapists. In the same light I value every other being that does the same work as I . I value each being that sweats under the merciless sun to sustain what it loves. I value each individual mining in the dirt, each being that is enchained in the factory system, each being slaving under electric light in plastic boxes, each boy and girl subjected to the work of school and labor. I value each one of these people because the same blood flows within their veins as in mine. Each time they beat and tortured a slave, they beat and tortured me. Each time they raped an innocent life, they also raped me. Each time they made a being suffer under long hours for miserable pay, they also inflicted pain on me. Every time they abused someone's freedom, they abused my own. For all these things we will have vengeance, and it will happen in my lifetime before my eyes.


In my lifetime there are two forces: the Working Class and the Class Enemy. The Working Class is all of us, it is the slaves and the workers, it is all of life that strives to perfect its situation and benefit society. The Working Class is united by all races and genders, buy subgroups and subcultures, it is all accepting and all growing. Within the Working Class there are billions of different people, with different ideas, different outlooks on life, religions, etc. But with all the differences that exist amongst them, only one thing unites them all: they are enchained by the Class Enemy. The Class Enemy is the total opposite of me. It is a small, petty, segregated group of individuals who hold nothing sacred except for money. The Class Enemy is the one who makes billions while the workers barely make enough to feed themselves. The Class Enemy is the being that brings drugs and prostitution to our streets, it sends us war, it humiliates and degrades our existence. The Class Enemy is always the capitalist the government, the police and the secret police, the teachers, the bankers, the military, and the ones in power. The Class Enemy has only one goal: to enslave as many as possible, to destroy as much as possible, to turn the world into a police state, to always be at war. The Class Enemy holds nothing sacred, it doesn't respect itself or its people. Its pleasure is momentary, its existence is a burden on the rest of the world. It cannot be bargained with. It only understands violence and war. The Class Enemy only knows how to produce and consume, and it will produce the rope with which we shall hang them! The Class Enemy is my eternal enemy. Because of it I must watch my mother work herself to death, I must watch my father dig his own grave, I must watch my brother's and my sister's youth fly past them because of war, poverty, and a wasted society. In their names I will resist the enemy till death. In the names of my loved ones I will pick up the sword of justice and behead the Class Enemy! The enemy of the working class deserves total, universal, merciless destruction. It will be ripped out by the root and nothing will be left. Of all this I am certain.


I am dangerous. I more dangerous to the Class Enemy then the foreign soldiers who have sworn to destroy it. I am dangerous because I am youth that is free. I am dangerous because my eyes see clearly through the lies of the system, my veins are pure, my mind is sober, and my heart is free. I will not be swayed by their mass worship or lured by their drugs. I will never disrespect myself in exchange for momentary or eternal pleasure. They cannot bribe me, and they cannot wash my mind with lies. My very existence is their greatest nightmare, I am living walking proof of their ultimate destruction. I am dangerous because I am certain in the annihilation of private property, mass worship, and the class system. I am certain in my hatred for authority and religion. I am certain that there is not one individual or group on earth that can dictate my life for me, in the past, present, or future. I am free to live, to choose, to die. I will fight to the death for my beliefs. I will hunger for freedom. I will resist the enemy till the end. All these things are true. These things are not myths or legends, they exist here in front of me before my very eyes, they are as real as the pavement and the blood that runs through me. My freedom is just as natural as the trees and the sky, and because it is natural it is beautiful. The knowledge of these things is what liberates me. This knowledge puts me in control of my life, it lets me make clear choices, it allows me to be free and untainted by the ideas of others. Once I have regained control over my life it is only natural that I want to make a positive contribution to the world around me. I will not, however, convert anyone to my beliefs. These facts are so positive and real that people will come to them by themselves, they will realize it. It will be as if they are looking in the mirror and for the first time seeing their reflection. There is nothing new in here, it is all within, it is all us before me. This book will reach them in their hour of darkness and they will make clear choices on their own from then on.

To Fight. To Hunger. To Resist.
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